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FASD Life's Journey Inc. is an agency providing disability services in multiple rural and urban locations within the province of Manitoba.  We offer Residential, Outreach, and Fostering programs with adjunct services including Cultural supports, Clinical resources, addictions and wellness programming opportunities.  We work from a participant centred, strengths-based approach focusing on wellbeing and quality of life.

Our Values

Hope: There is always Hope. At Life's Journey we focus on the Hopes, strength and courage of individuals.  We strive to foster Hope through celebration of all successes big and small.  Our hope is contagious as we enjoy our time together and share our lessons learned on life's journey.  We have an ongoing commitment to build on the foundation of hope with the input of our participants, staff, families and stakeholders to improve outcomes for all.

Dignity & Respect: All people have basic rights.  We at Life's Journey strive to ensure equality and dignity through strong advocacy and a commitment to provide consistent, responsive, reliable, lifelong services.  We empower inclusive environments and celebrate the diverse voices of our participants, staff, and community members.

Wellbeing: Life's Journey strives to create safe and secure environments that promote health, comfort and wellness for all.  We support inclusive homes and communities for our participants through individualized programming and planning.  We provide Wellness programming, clinical services and cultural teachings to balance mind, emotions, body and spirit.  We value safety for everyone.  We strive to create a responsive culture of self care, safe work practices and ongoing proactive measures.  

Relationships: At Life's Journey our focus on building nonjudgmental and encompassing relationships has contributed to respectful, compassionate, productive, and dignified associations.  Our foundation of collaboration contributes to quality services as we work together to foster a sense of belonging, acceptance and empowerment in our communities.